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Designer Diary - Night Reign

Designer Diary - Night Reign
As the designer behind Of Dreamers and Dancers I am often asked where do I get my ideas from, what inspires me and the stories and designs I have created. My answer to this is usually anything and everything...from something as simple as a piece of furniture, to a whole design era, an entire culture or element of truly comes from everywhere and, for me, it really is the most easiest and fun part of the process. Sometimes I will even have forms or ideas pop into my head while driving the car or falling asleep. That is actually how my brand logo came to be and why I keep a sketch book by my side at all times because I never know when inspiration will strike.

This post has been a long time coming (to those who requested, sorry it took so long!) but I have finally put together a design diary for the Night Reign collection to show the inspiration I had behind the four main stories. This first collection was quite eclectic in that each story had a different element of inspiration but, as a whole, I feel they sum up the brand's modern bohemian aesthetic well and were a good way to introduce what the Of Dreamers and Dancers look is about.

I am a trained graphic designer so delving into jewellery design was a learning curve within itself and I taught myself the entire process of manufacturing from jump rings to tech drawings, quality control and sampling and everything in between but it truly is a thrilling process seeing those once pencil sketches that you will see below turn into real life designs and totally worth the blood, sweat and tears that went in to the three years of research and work it took to get this brand up and running. 

When I design each collection, I usually design the statement pieces first and then take elements and forms of those statement pieces to design the fine pieces so everything is really cohesive and pairs back with each other well.

Below you will see a little snap shot of each story from Night Reign. It shows some original sketches paired back with some of finished statement and fine pieces. There is also a little mood board of the inspiration behind the designs.

I hope you enjoy the insight and can better understand what goes into designing each Of Dreamers and Dancers collection.

Bec x

Want to learn more? Here is a more in-depth insight behind each of the design stories...

Canopy of Stars 

Canopy of Stars was influenced by Egyptian culture. North Africa has always been an area I have loved from a little girl. My dad is hugely into ancient Egyptian archaeology and I was lucky enough to visit Egypt twice when I was younger. The carvings, paintings and hieroglyphics of the ancient people have always stayed with me.

Depicting a stylised night sky, Canopy of Stars statement necklace is a pyramid form with tiny cut outs to reflect the idea of stars and playing with light, almost like a Moroccan lantern with black onyx and Swarovski crystals reflecting the black of the night against the metallic gold and silver. These forms within the statement necklace where then translated to the other pieces within the story.


Light Up the Night

 Light Up the Night also has a connection to another favourite country of mine, Morocco. The colours, the interiors and the forms within this culture are where I found the inspiration for this story.

The intricacy of the Light Up the Night statement necklace form comes from Moroccan interiors and furniture, the leatherwork and colourful tea glasses. It also somewhat reflects a stylised sun which is where its name comes from. The blue turquoise reflects the bright colours within this culture. These forms within this statement piece again are translated back into the other pieces of the story.


Moments at Midnight

 I have loved art deco since I studied the design period at school so the inspiration behind this design is from the architecture of this era. Having designed my own art deco building in year 11 design class, the lines and sophisticated femininity of this era I find beautiful and are reflected in this story.

The main form of the Moments at Midnight statement necklace was actually inspired by an art deco light fixture, and it was to this form that I added the tassel and secondary elements to reflect the detailing of the era and to give a sense of romance. I feel like this piece reflects a period in time…dinner parties, stolen moments (hence the name) of romance within an era past, an era of grandeur and sophistication. The burgundy agate stone was chosen as an extension of this and to give a sense of warmth to the piece. These forms within this statement piece again are translated back into the other pieces of the story.


Show Me the Way

 This story was to give a bit of edge to the collection, to show a less boho side to Of Dreamers and Dancers. Reflective of wanderlust and getting lost only to find yourself. Winding paths and endless roads, making your own direction, following dreams and marching to the beat of your own drum. Arrowheads depict never ending directions and adventures.


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