All Of Dreamers and Dancers pieces are made from the finest quality materials including handset elements and natural components.

Hand set and natural elements means there can be a variance in Of Dreamers and Dancers product, this is not considered a flaw.

Given the handset nature in which Of Dreamers and Dancers product is manufactured a six month warranty on Of Dreamers and Dancers product from date of purchase is offered.

This warranty is to cover any manufacturing flaws but does not cover wear and tear or neglect in caring for product as specified in our product care guidelines.

Upon proof of purchase, Of Dreamers and Dancers will, after a product assessment, replace or repair product at our discretion. While we will refund on manufacturing faults in accordance with the relevant legislation we still reserve the right to repair or replace product where applicable.

Please contact service@ofdreamersanddancers.com.au for any warranty claims.