Media Highlights





The following captures some of the media and press highlights Of Dreamers and Dancers has experienced in its short lifetime. Some personal favourites include having my designs feature on the beautiful Australian model Samantha Harris for Cosmopolitan magazine only six short months into Of Dreamers and Dancers journey. When you send product into magazines to be used for shoots (and this is a process in itself, a good contact is hard to find!), you never expect it to end up on a shoot like this with such a renowned model, a huge pinch myself moment!

I also cannot forget when my business and all-round inspirational idol Samantha Wills posted about my label and me! Opening Instagram to discover that post and seeing the hundreds of likes and followers that came with it, atruly meaningful act by such a genuine soul. It was a surreal moment but not as surreal as 12 months later when Samantha flew me to Sydney (before I lived here) for an interview and to meet her! Mind blown! Thank you again Samantha.

It's truly astounding the journey you can take yourself on when you dare to dream.

(Please note the word highlights! Dreams take hard work and persistance too, just keeping it real for y'all)

Bec x

Design Diary - Night Reign



Premiere Collection



As the designer behind Of Dreamers and Dancers I am often asked where do I get my ideas from, what inspires me and the stories and designs I have created. My answer to this is usually anything and everything...from something as simple as a piece of furniture, to a whole design era, an entire culture or element of truly comes from everywhere and, for me, it really is the most easiest and fun part of the process. Sometimes I will even have forms or ideas pop into my head while driving the car or falling asleep. That is actually how my brand logo came to be and why I keep a sketch book by my side at all times because I never know when inspiration will strike.


This post has been a long time coming (to those who requested, sorry it took so long!) but I have finally put together a design diary for the Night Reign collection to show the inspiration I had behind the four main stories. This first collection was quite eclectic in that each story had a different element of inspiration but, as a whole, I feel they sum up the brand's modern bohemian aesthetic well and were a good way to introduce what the Of Dreamers and Dancers look is about.


I am a trained graphic designer so delving into jewellery design was a learning curve within itself and I taught myself the entire process of manufacturing from jump rings to tech drawings, quality control and sampling and everything in between but it truly is a thrilling process seeing those once pencil sketches that you will see below turn into real life designs and totally worth the blood, sweat and tears that went in to the three years of research and work it took to get this brand up and running. 


When I design each collection I usually design the statement pieces first and then take elements and forms of those statement pieces to design the fine pieces so everything is really cohesive and pairs back with each other well.


Below you will see a little snap shot of each story from Night Reign. It shows some original sketches paired back with some of finished statement and fine pieces. There is also a little mood board of the inspiration behind the designs.


I hope you enjoy the insight and can better understand what goes into designing each Of Dreamers and Dancers collection.


Bec x



BTS - Transient Borders



Monday the 24th of October, 2016


Delayed by a week due to bad weather and a last minute location change meant this shoot was never meant to go quite to plan! Yet fate was on our side and we could not have asked for a more perfect day to shoot Of Dreamers and Dancer's second collection, Transient Borders. 

The new location proved to be beyond expectation too, having the six of us venture out to West Beach to create magic and turn an average, seaweed laden, coast line into the majestic Sahara which, with a little help of Photoshop, we managed to do incredibly well! 

Capturing the gypsy-souled muse of the collection so beautifully, the results of this shoot are truly out of this world and I am in awe of my dream team and how we stepped it up and really made this campaign something that was next level! The amazing results made the sunburn definitely worthwhile. With the cold weather Adelaide was having in the days leading up to this shoot, 23 degrees was a lot hotter than expected and we were definitely caught out with many awkward tan lines to prove it lol.

I still maintain that shooting the campaign is the absolute best part of the process. Seeing the designs and visions that live inside my head for months come to life right in front of my eyes and to get to work with such wonderful, supportive and fellow creative people, it is always the best experience.

I have to give a huge thank you to the team behind this shoot. For your hard work and dedication to my vision and for being so accommodating with all the changes, I truly appreciate everything!! You ladies are all the best at what you do and it was a privilege to work with each of you and have your help in bringing this collection to life.

I hope you enjoy seeing a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes.

Bec x


Creative Director: Rebecca Minervini

Photographer: Alice Healy

Model: Olivia Rogers

Stylist: Cimon Vozzo

Make-up and Hair: Megan Pilkington

Videography and BTS Photography: Angela Brushe 

BTS - Escape to Santorini



Tuesday the 17th of November, 2015


This shoot was a long time coming and a project that truly resulted in such stunning images that were beyond anything I’d imagined.

 Wanting to do a little street style shoot for social media I turned to one of the most stylish and beautiful people I know (inside and out) Lauren Dilena, Westfield and freelance stylist, whom I was lucky enough to have met a few years ago. Over a catch-up glass of wine, she generously offered to take an afternoon to model for me and capture some outfit images that would showcase Of Dreamers and Dancers in various summer styled outfits.

Cue two and a half months passing, with both of us going overseas, this idea took a little while to come to fruition but I am so glad we took our time because who knew the dream team we were going to pull together! I threw out an idea to my agent of involving my lovely stockist The Little Boutique to cross-promote. Before I knew it not only did we have them on board but also the oh so talented Danielle Symes of Somethin Somethin fame. Danielle generously offered to not only lend clothes from her super successful online store but to also take over my role as photographer and shoot it too, a role I was more than happy to relinquish into such very capable hands. 

We met up at Dani's house on a sunny Spring Tuesday (so sunny I got burnt #paleproblems) and, showing us her go to locations, we drove around the area to roll out perfect image after perfect image. What was a street style shoot turned into campaign quality and 'Escape to Santorini' was born. 

It became a chance to show a new kind of styling for Of Dreamers and Dancers’ first collection, Night Reign, and refresh the website and social media with a dreamy summer bohemian vibe.

 I can't thank everyone who was involved enough for their time, creativity and support. I am lucky to know such wonderful people who would happily give up their time to help my brand and me in this capacity. I am so in awe of the talent Adelaide has to offer. See the links throughout for all the businesses involved. I hope you enjoy seeing this little snapshot behind the scenes in the Adelaide turned Mediterranean back-streets.

Bec x


Photographer: Danielle Symes

Model/Styling: Lauren Dilena

Make-up by Nirvana Mahmoud

Assistants: Bianca Joseph and Sara Cavuoto

Clothes supplied by Somethin Somethin and The Little Boutique

BTS - Night Reign Campaign Shoot



Sunday the 21st of June, 2015


On a seemingly sunny Sunday we ventured into the Adelaide CBD to capture Of Dreamers and Dancers first campaign shoot for the premiere collection, Night Reign.

A juxtaposition of our wanderlust driven, wild hearted, free spirited muse against a concrete jungle cityscape, we captured the Of Dreamers and Dancers aesthetic, the modern bohemian, better than I ever could have imagined.

I cannot thank my dream team on this shoot enough for their hard work to nail this vision. You ladies are beyond words. Thank you also for slightly suffering from mild hypothermia to bring this brand to life through these beautiful images. You are the most dedicated and talented team I could ask for and trust was freezing!!

This truly was the best experience. To art direct my own campaign was surreal and a dream come true. Here's to the next collection and campaign. In the mean time I hope you enjoy seeing a little sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes.

Bec x


Creative Director: Rebecca Minervini

Photographer: Alice Healy

Model: Rosie Johnson - Hermes Models 

Stylist: Lauren Dilena

MUA: Millie Herd

Hair: Madeline Ellis

Assistant: Bianca Joseph 

Of Dreamers and Dancers Media Launch



Thursday the 13th of August, 2015




Location: Electra House, East Side

PR: Girl About Town

Event styling: Rebecca Minervini

Green Media Wall: EST

Models: Hermes Models

Make-up: Millie Herd

Hair: Alkazar Salonnieres

Model Stylist: Lauren Dilena

Models clothing supplied by Niki Belle

Jewellery by Of Dreamers and Dancers

Photography by Alice Healy


Stay tuned...Of Dreamers and Dancers first blog post isn't far away.

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